Due to its high dependence potential, Tramadol is classified as Schedule IV controlled substances. They is only available with the prescription of a doctor. It is important to follow the instructions of a physician closely and store the drug appropriately to ensure that you do not overdose and suffer severe unwanted side effects.

Breathing problems that are serious can develop if you are taking this drug with alcohol or other medications that cause sleepiness or change the way your body gets rid of the substance. Seek medical attention immediately when you notice a severe feeling of drowsiness, slow or shallow breathing or confusion.

What is tramadol used for?

Tramadol, a pain medication recommended by a physician to relieve severe or moderate pain. The drug works by altering the way in which your body perceives pain, and also by decreasing the quantity of certain chemicals in your brain are released. The chemicals can cause inflammation and irritation.

Your doctor may give you the medicine to take when needed or to use regularly. Be sure to follow the instructions of your doctor. Make sure you don’t take more of this medicine or take the medication more often than your physician has recommended. You may experience more side effects if you do.

Discuss with your doctor to discuss liver or kidney problems before taking tramadol. If you are suffering from reduced the function of your liver or kidneys, or if your body has difficulty eliminating medications from your system, a change or lower dose may need to be prescribed. Store this medication safely in a place that people cannot access it.


The doctor will begin you on a low dosage and then gradually increase your dose. It is important to take this medication precisely as prescribed. Make sure you don’t take more or take it frequently or for longer than prescribed by your doctor.

Your health care provider may order blood tests to check the function of your liver prior to and after treatment of this drug. You should tell your doctor about all prescription or non-prescription drugs you may be using, such as St. John’s Wort, Eldepryl (selegiline), or Tryptophan. These medicines may interact with Tramadol.

Tramadol is not recommended for children who are not yet 17 years old of age because they have an increased risk of developing breathing issues. If your child is suffering from significant pain, ask your doctor about other medication for pain.

Side effects

In the same way as any opioid tramadol may cause adverse consequences. They can be minor or severe. When your body gets used to the medicine, they typically go away. The most frequent symptoms are constipation the feeling of indigestion or diarrhea. Dry mouth is another typical manifestation. It is possible to treat it by chewing sugarless gum, sucking in hard candy, or consuming plenty of fluids.

The drug can cause severe breathing problems, particularly when used in large quantities or for long periods of duration. If you are experiencing slow breathing, or trouble waking up or even anxiety, you must seek immediate medical assistance immediately.

The use of alcohol and other substances can trigger breathing problems. This medication can also increase your chance of experiencing seizures especially if you have had seizures in the past or are prone to mental illness.


Tramadol is less potent as other opioids, is still susceptible to the possibility of misuse and overdose. The FDA requires it to be sold within the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) program. It may cause psychological or physical dependence as well as can be a source of addiction. Also, it can cause withdrawal symptoms if it is cut off abruptly.

The overdose of tramadol is deadly. They can be caused by excessive consumption or mixing it with other chemicals including alcohol, discount ultram benzodiazepines as well as other opioids. Tramadol can also increase serotonin in the body, and using high doses of this drug can lead to a condition known as serotonin-syndrome.

A tramadol overdose can be prevented by keeping tramadol in a secure space that can’t be accessible by other people and by getting rid of any tie or scarf that could interfere with breathing. The doctors should recommend to anyone at risk of overdose to have Naloxone as a rescue medication close by.

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